Corkran Media

Sometimes ADR is not an option...

Production sound on your film should be done by someone with the experience to know how to get the highest quality on set recording under
the most challenging conditions. Thomas Corkran has worked on a broad array of feature films, documentaries and commercials that have given him the experience needed to make the right sound decisions that best suits
your project. By maintaining ongoing relationships with working directors, producers and set professionals, Thomas can offer numuerous references
in many film mediums.

If Corkran Media doesn’t own the particular gear you’re looking for, we have competitive rental bids through longstanding relationships with local rental houses. Whatever the sound needs of your next project are, Corkran Media
will make sure they’re met.



Production Sound Equipment

1 - Sound Devices - 788T Eight Channel Digital Audio Recorder
1 - Sound Devices - 744T Four Channel Digital Audio Recorder
1 - Sound Devices - 442 Four Channel Mixer
1 - Sennheiser - 416 Shotgun Microphone
1 - Sennheiser - MKH 50 Super Cardioid Microphone
3 - Lectrosonics UCR 201 Receivers
3 - Lectrosonics UM 200C Transmitters
1 - Lectrosonics UH 200D Wireless Boom Transmitter
1 - Lectrosonics UHR 210D Receiver
3 - Sanken COS11d Wireless Microphones
1 - K-Tek - 12' graphite fiber Boom Pole and Shock Mount
1 - K-Tek - 9' graphite fiber Boom Pole and Shock Mount
1 - Rycote - Modular Windshield WS #4
1 - Beyerdynamic - MC837 Condenser Shotgun Microphone
1 - Audio Technica - 4073 Shotgun Microphone
1 - Sound Cart
1 - Denecke Timecode Slate
PSC 14.8V Rechargeable Lithium power distribution
Comtek Wireless Monitoring Systems